Translation agency at Linguistic centre LEXXIS

Head office:
620109, Klyuchevskaya St., 15

Tel./fax: +7 (343) 287-13-15

Subsidiary office:
620144, Tsilkovskogo St., 27

Tel./fax: +7 (343) 287-13-87


In addition to language courses our centre also provides very popular services of translation texts from English into Russian and from Russian to English on various subjects:


We also provide the services of translation from English into Russian (and vice versa) of commercial offers, personal documents, websites content, content of brochures, booklets, newspaper articles, literary works, lyrics, letters, etc.

Translation of technical documents from English is carried out by experts who have extensive experience in this category that applies equally to translators of all other thematic areas (see the list). In addition, you can order the service of interpretation into English and from English in those cases when you are going to have:

·         negotiations

·         conferences

·         presentations

·         meetings

·         exhibitions

·         equipment installation

·         telephone conversations


The order of providing translation and interpretation services

If you have any inquiries on all issues related to the translation, please call (343) 287-13-15 (Yekaterinburg) or (3439) 64-30-30 (Pervouralsk), and then order this service in one of our offices at the following addresses:

Yekaterinburg, Kliuchevskaya St., 15

Pervouralsk, Vatutina St., 62А

You can order services of translation from and to: English, ItalianSpanishGermanChinese  etc.