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    Testing Centre for foreign citizens has been opened


    There one can obtain a work patent, temporary residence or a permanent residence permit and Russian citizenship.


Start learning foreign language now!

Linguistic centres LEXXIS in Yekaterinburg and Pervouralsk



Linguistic centre LEXXIS was founded in 1996. During the past years over 20 000 people have finished our courses. Today, our school of foreign languages ​​has several offices in Yekaterinburg and Pervouralsk where you can study:
•    English;
•    German;
•    French;
•    Spanish;
•    Italian;
•    Chinese, and
•    Russian as a foreign language – if you came to Russia from another country.


Our programs are developed and successfully implemented:

•    for students of any age and any level of language skills;
•    for group and individual study;
•    for those who would like to study everyday or business language;
•    for those who would like to undergo training and pass exams for international certifications;
•    for high school students who are going to take State Examinations in various foreign languages.

Besides our language school has created and successfully applied special programmes for corporate training and as the Speaking Club.

Highly skilled teachers work in all the offices of our Foreign Language Centre; most of them have international certificates, and everyone, without exception, are subject to strict selection for employment. Their training and further education is the concern of our language school team trainers.

Students can learn all the above-mentioned languages by the most modern and effective communicative approach, the base of which is в основекоторой лежит a model of real communication. Each lesson in the complex develops the skills of speaking, reading, writing and speech perception.

Every year dozens of Linguistic centre LEXXIS students successfully pass Cambridge Unuversity Examinations and get the certificates – children of primary school age, high school students and adults who have attained more advanced levels at our language school. The most popular exam is FCE (First Certificate in English).

Exams conducted by the experts of Cambridge University give an objective picture of the level of English after each stage of learning. You can keep track of the dynamics of language studies and you can be sure that this assessment is absolutely objective.

The importance of these certificates for employers is undeniable in our country and abroad as well as for the formation of the portfolio of each student.

Over the years our Language Center is a reliable partner in the field of translation services. We work with many organizations on a permanent basis in the provision of services to support the negotiations and in the installation of equipment in the field of translation and documentation site. Translation agencies work in all our offices. Here we timely and accurately translate and prepare all the required documents for you and we can notarise them, if necessary.